How can blockchain expedite the progress of Punjab?

Anyone who knows a little about blockchain cannot deny the fact that it is going to pervade in every industry and domain. From IT to defense, e-commerce, entertainment and even agriculture, it is making its mark everywhere. It is said that blockchain can play an immense role in optimizing agriculture and can make it a win-win business for farmers and consumers as well.

Blockchain for Agriculture

According to agriculturists, blockchain relays the benefits to farmers which are initiated by government but do not reach them. There is a widespread network of mediators that siphon off funds and resources that are supposed to reach farmers. As a result, farmers get indebted to get their hands on manure, seeds and other machinery required for cultivation.

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This can be straightened out by the help of blockchain as it eradicates the intermediaries and make the payments direct to the recipient. This greatly helps the farmers and very fruitful for the agrarian economies. In many countries, blockchain-based agriculture projects have been introduced. India is one of the countries which heavily rely on its agricultural produce for balancing the fiscal repositories.

For overall growth of Punjab

Punjab is the largest producer of crops out of 28 states in India and blockchain can become a pioneer for its agriculture. Blockchain-based projects have got launched in some other countries and this state will also have some schemes pivoted on this technology soon. Blockchain development based on agriculture has already started in India and we can expect some great changes in near future.

Apart from agriculture, Punjab is also an emerging hub for IT, ITES and BPO services. In cities like Chandigarh and Mohali, many IT companies are being setup enthusing an all-round development in the state. This state also hosts some of the biggest migration services as people from Punjab are prone to become NRIs. Considering all these stipulations, blockchain is a must-have for entrepreneurs, farmers and citizen of Punjab.

Rise of Blockchain in Punjab

Blockchain development is also taking shape in Punjab as people have realized the need of this technology. Blockchain development companies in Punjab are rising faster than ever right now. There are a large number of entrepreneurs in this state who are willing to induct this technology in various businesses. Moreover, this technology is adaptable to every business irrespective of size and nature.

Punjab is a land of different colors, festivities, rivers and agriculture. The people of Punjab are rather welcoming to new things, they are hardworking and earnest to achieve goals. Blockchain technology no lesser than a boon to this state, it can capacitate the biggest businesses and smallest startups with minimum cost and greater outcome.

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