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What is an ICO White Paper?

An ICO White Paper is a detailed description of a company's future projects and operations. It gives all the information about the important dates of products and sub-products launches. Whitepaper forms the base of any ICO, as it is taken as a Magna Carta for investors. It helps the reader to evaluate the business and predict the future generation of revenues.

Whitepaper Development is essential for ICOs now, it is equally important to draft your whitepaper in a way that convinces an investor using genuine information rather than preparing it just for sake of giving information. A skillfully written whitepaper not only highlights the benefits of a project it also belittles the shortcomings without hiding it outright.

What Should an ICO White Paper Look Like?

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The risks and uncertainties need a mention, else it may seem a shady business proposal.

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The frontline factor of any document, lays the foundation of ICO and whitepaper.

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Industry Overview

A brief synopsis of the domain has to be mentioned, into which ICO is going to perform.

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Risk Factors

Apart from the legal disclaimer, risks have to be stated technically with respect to operations.

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Once you have stated the risks, the solutions have to be given in accordance with issues.

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Token Distribution

Allotment of tokens during the different phases of ICOs to be precisely mentioned.

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Team Members

Something that has to be mentioned and it adds more credibility to the whitepaper.

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Road Map

Marks the important dates for launch of ICO, post-ICO operations and other important events.

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An acknowledgement to all the sources that helped in forming the whitepaper and ICO.

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