Security Token Exchange Platform

Features that are must-have for any Security Token Exchange Platform

Every application has some features which could be ascribed for its success, these salient features help users in multiple ways. These features are responsible for making the users familiar with the applications and help them the end-result in place. Security token trading platforms are becoming very eminent because of their high functionality. Here are some features which these softwares must have:-

Any Language

This is very important as security token traders reside everywhere across the globe and it is much better to serve them in the language they are comfortable with. It also makes your app more likable than the other one that is available only in English.

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Payment Gateway Integration

A feature which has be very strongly built within the mechanism of platform. This particular feature ensures that users can make payments to different wallets and exchange their security tokens with other users without any snags or challenges.

Fund Management

This was introduced as an add-on but quickly became an indispensable attribute for any security token exchange. With this feature, users can manage their flux of tokens and can keep their hoard in a secure manner, it is a indeed a very helpful feature for sophisticated as well as new users.

Escrow System

Integrating an escrow system has now become essential for such platforms, it ensures that the transaction is kept safely. It also ensures that a neutral party is holding the evidence of the transaction which is very useful, if there is any dispute in future regarding it.

All Currency Transactions

Another significant feature which ensures that the users are able to transact with any currency they want. Including multiple currencies means you are giving more possibilities to the users, you are allowing them to indulge in more transaction in varied coins across the globe.

BAF Security Exchange

This inclusion ensures that your exchange has the top security protocols and all transactions happening over it are secured with blockchain. It also helps maintain the complexity of network and liquidity of account, which ultimately gives better results than any other tool.

Connection to External Exchange

It ensures that the users get more options when it comes to trading, it is also helpful in imparting information among them. It helps users connect them with external users and makes every transaction updated in the blockchain, this feature ekes out faster results in every operation.

Order Matching

It is very important to match the features because then only traders keep track of their transactions precisely. This feature helps them ascertain how much they have spent on their trade and how much they can in the next. In a way, it is the most useful feature for many users.

24/7 Support

This is unquestionably a must-have for any type of service. Sometimes, service providers take this lightly and the result is seen in declining business. Therefore, it is must that you have a dedicated support team which could assist users in any sort of technical query round the clock.

If you are able to integrate all these features in your app, it would definitely hit home of millions of traders. STO exchange software development is an emerging firmament and there are many developers joining it. You must contact a security token exchange software development company which has been involved in the blockchain domain for considerable time now.  Coin Developer India is one of the companies that ensures great services, we give you a software which becomes a ticket to success for your business.