Is blockchain going to be any beneficial for Gujarat?

Gujarat is a state that lavishes in culture, resources and business. This state has set many milestones in terms of development in India. Since the ancient times, Gujarat has been progressive and way ahead of other regions. It was one of the pivotal regions even in the time of Indus Valley Civilization, it hosted one of the earlier sea ports of the world 4000 years ago. Even at that time, Gujarat was a major center of trading for Maurya and Gupta empires.

Prominent since ancient times

The prominence of this state has never declined, it rather heaved up invariably. From the agricultural produce such as groundnuts, dates, sugar cane, milk and milk products to petrol, this state offers everything. City of Jamnagar in Gujarat hosts the world’s largest grassroots refinery at a single location, the state hosts the larges shipbreaking yard in the world. Moreover, the development rate in rural areas of Gujarat is exemplary for the whole nation.

The road connectivity in state is impressive with 85% villages equipped with all-weather roads and nearly 100% villages with electrical grid. All of this makes Gujarat a nurturing place for startups and enterprises. As a result, the state of known for its proclivity towards business with all the major cities such as Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Rajkot, Jamnagar and Bhavnagar booming in entrepreneurial sectors.

Most fruitful land for business

Ahmedabad was world’s third fastest growing city according to Forbes list in 2010. With a boom in manufacture and energy, technology has become a mainstay for the state’s growth. And that’s why, blockchain development in Gujarat is on a high now. Blockchain Technology does not only provide security, it also gives industries a perfect medium to conduct business by bringing decentralization.

This technology has become a vehicle for success of startups. It gives them a way to circumvent the unnecessary mediators which profiteer by thwarting the growth of small-scale companies. The centralized method of business involves a large quantum of third party services which eventually adds a huge sum of money. It becomes highly unproductive and deteriorating for startups and enterprises as well.

Growth doubles with blockchain

Therefore, bringing blockchain into grassroots is must for the faster growth of small-scale businesses which is significant for a developing nation. Gujarat has been a great contributor in India growth and induction of blockchain will enhance the success ratio of the SMEs in the state. Blockchain and its by-products like smart contracts could play a pivotal role in bringing the all actors of development on the same page.

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