Whitepaper writing

Basic Points Every ICO White Paper Should Cover

Many project owners wonder what their whitepaper should include. This confusion is perfectly understandable as ICO is a first-time experience for many people. Whitepaper writing is not rocket science, it is actually easier than drafting other documents or writing articles. All you need is thorough understanding of the project and its methodical explanation.

Many whitepapers display their projects with full technical details which is not bad at all. After all, that’s what a whitepaper is meant to do, but it should provide the details in a manner that is palatable. Several projects have made this mistake, they blurted out their project to the core on whitepaper and it failed to convert the readers into investors.

How to Write a Perfect Whitepaper for ICO

To overcome this problem, you need to prepare your whitepaper in sections and each section gets dedicated to a particular topic. You don’t need to follow a particular sequence, but consider the significance of each section before setting them in sequence.

Here’s how it begins:

The Product

The most essential factor of your ICO, over which your whole project is designed. Your product must be explained comprehensively even if has too many technical details. Even if the readers are not able to understand it, it will be credible to them. At the same time, you should refrain from adding any extraneous information just to make your project look more informative.

The Business Model

That’s practically the modus operandi of your project. It shows how your project will work and how it will benefit the users. This section too has to be detailed, it should not only be limited to theoretical explanation but should also involve the practical implementations. A business model tells how exactly a project will be executed and how it will overcome the shortcomings along the way.

Industry Overview

This particular section shows the scope of your project. How ready is the market and economy to adapt your product? Your project should seem relevant and adaptable to the existing markets. Even if your project is a little ahead of its time, you have to show its chances of being pulled off as a new technology.

Current Challenges

The challenges or problems that you’re project is counteracting and how the issues are irresolvable in today’s scenario. This topic must engulf every issue from the top to bottom. You don’t need to exaggerate the details to make the situation grave, it should rather provide a clear picture of the issue.


After you tell the problems, give the solutions that your project is offering. The description of this section should make clear how your project will resolve the issues. Even if it takes going deep into the technical details you should provide all the information. There is always a scope of including illustrations and infographics to make your explanation easy.


The genuine description of all your team members must be included in the whitepaper. A few projects in the past presented some fake photos and created hypothetical profiles in order to make the section more impressive. Please refrain from getting into this practice, as the reader might take a check on your team members. Also, do backgrounds check on the team profile as a reader and make sure whatever is claimed in the whitepaper is true.


Roadmap is an indispensable part of any whitepaper. This section tells the important events took place so far and the future plans of the project. Its manifests how visionary your project is and helps in building trust in the investors’ mind.

Token Allocation & Fund Usage

Another mandatory section which has to be included in your whitepaper. This section gives the reader an idea, how you’re going to utilize the funds and how much will be used for the investors.If you’re drafting a whitepaper for the first time, do not forget to include these details.

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